Our Purpose


The sole purpose of this day is to raise the profile of the cleaning sector and to show that you personally ‘Recognise’ (Respect Every Cleaning Operative Giving Necessary Importance to Services and Environments) the work they carry out.




Endorsed by BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science). We would like to encourage all businesses to actively promote this day of recognition by using all the social media platforms using #iRecognise, displaying posters (downloadable from the iRecgonise website) and doing what is seen fit to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the cleaning operatives involved in making the environment a cleaner, safer happier place to live and work. 




This date was chosen as it falls alongside ‘World Clean Up day’ (Saturday 21st September) whereby everyone globally is encouraged to get involved to do their bit to ‘Clean Up’ the Environment. World Clean Up Day’ is now spanning over 158 countries and temperatures from -10 degrees Celsius in Canada to +48 degrees Celsius in Iran over a time span of 36 hours.